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Selected research projects:

  • NCBiR grant "Modern technologies of sturgeon rearing and breeding", 2010-2014
  • NCN grant “The effect of silver nanoparticles on the fertility and development of the gonads of model fish”, 2016-2019
  • MNiSW grant “Polish carp and trout-genetic protection of species using DNA markers”, 2009-2013
  • MNiSW grant "Ontogenetic and functional aspects of peptide absorption in cyprinid and salmonid fishes", 2009-2011
  • MNiSW grant “New concept of nitrogenous substance assimilation in fishes-mechanisms of in vivo utilization of peptides”, 2004-2007
  • MNiSW grant "Morphological, histological and physiological changes during organogenesis of gastric and agastric fish", 2003-2006